Mar 14, 2024

Dogwifhat On Sphere 🔮💸🐶


Dogwifhat On Sphere 🔮💸🐶 Valko

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Dogwifhat community raises $650k for Vegas Sphere ad

⌐◪-◪ → The Dogwifhat community just crowdfunded $650,000 to put their memecoin on the legendary Las Vegas Sphere.

This makes $WIF the 4th largest memecoin, with a market cap of $3.3B — with $DOGE still at #1 with a market cap of $26.7B.

Meanwhile, the total market cap for all memecoins just surpassed $60B as told by literally Bloomberg.

This is some serious bull market shit — even more bizarre than Franklin Templeton, a $1.5T asset manager, releasing a research paper on memecoins. Yes, that actually happened.

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Ethereum Layer 2s show a dramatic drop in transaction fees after Dencun

Major Ethereum Layer 2 chains implementing blobs have seen a dramatic drop in average transaction fees — following the Dencun upgrade.

⌐◪-◪ → The long-awaited Ethereum Dencun upgrade is live, and L2 fees have dropped to almost zero. Seriously though look at these numbers

It costs less than $0.01 to use Uniswap on OptimismBase fees dropped from $0.5 → $0.0012 (-99.76%)Starknet fees dropped from $2 → $0.01 (-99.5%)

While changes like these are scary, leading to issues like Blast’s 2-hour outage, the benefits are undeniable.

I don’t think people have even begun to realize what use cases Dencun just unlocked — give it a few months to percolate. This is a game-changer, tackling one of crypto’s biggest problems (scalability) head-on.

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Elon Musk says Tesla will enable DOGE payments ‘at some point’

⌐◪-◪ → Elon Musk just said that Tesla will enable $DOGE payments at some point in the future.

While Tesla customers can already buy merch with $DOGE, Elon says they’ll soon be able to purchase entire Teslas.

That’s cool and all, but you know what’s cooler…? (semi-sarcastic tone)

Elon just called Dogecoin “the people’s crypto” and I have a feeling it’s going to stick. Naturally, Dogecoin pumped 5% on the announcement.

To be honest, Elon’s Dogecoin-pumping behavior used to bother me, but I suppose if you can’t beat them, join them.

Dogecoin to the moon.

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Everything Else

⛓️ Crypto & DeFi

  • Blast stops producing blocks for 2 hours post-Dencun upgrade

  • PancakeSwap V4 will be released this year, adding 4 key features

  • BitGo adds replace-by-fee (RBF) integration for greater tx control

  • Jack Dorsey’s Block begins shipping Bitkey BTC wallets

  • BNB Chain introduces rollup-as-a-service solution

  • Coinbase deletes page on “how to buy Elizabeth Whoren”

  • Genetics student turns 12-word seed phrase into a strand of DNA

  • plans real-world cash account payment system

  • Fireblocks partners with Zodia Markets on cross-border payments

  • Blockaid saved Coinbase Wallet users from $75M in scams

🏦 Wallstreet & VC

  • Michael Saylor is raising $500M to buy more Bitcoin

  • Andrew Kang wants to be the MicroStrategy of Dogecoin

  • Bakkt risks NYSE delisting as price falls below $1

  • Peter Schiff says he regrets not buying Bitcoin in 2010

  • Polyhedra raised $20M on a $1B valuation for zkBridge

🏛️ Legal & Regulatory

  • FinCEN analyzing $165M in transactions potentially linked to Hamas

  • House panel spars over whether crypto should be part of CFPB rule

  • Judge tosses out Gemini & Genesis motion to dismiss SEC lawsuit

  • US Attorney’s Office files action to recover $2.3M from crypto scam

🌎 Rest of the World

  • EU publishes draft rules for stablecoin issuers

  • to appeal $3.1M fine by Dutch regulator

  • Hong Kong launches new round of e-HKD pilot to study CBDCs

  • South Africa to license 60 crypto firms this month

  • Australian courts side with Finder Wallet in lawsuit

  • El Salvador removes income tax on money coming into the country

🖼️ NFTs & Metaverse

  • Magic Eden diamonds point airdrop is live

  • Black Mirror NFT collection sells out in minutes

  • Ambrus Studio brings PC & mobile gaming to SUI

  • Devs upload Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Bee Movie’ on ETH as gas plummets

  • Ronin hits all-time high as network hosts free ‘Kaidro’ NFT mint

  • Ryan Carson joins Intel

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