Sep 15, 2023


Here’s a fun one for Friday—are you on It’s a one-to-many communications channel between you and your fans on a progressive web app for iOS, and you get access via an invite code, connect your Twitter/X, and then can buy keys to the channels of people you’re interested in following, and/or those whose keys are likely to increase in value. You can provide meaningful information in your own channel and encourage people to buy your keys. It’s on Base L2 chain, and its volume is regularly surpassing NFT volume as the degens farm usage points (a-la Blur) on the system, which is currently in beta. There’s also loads of apps that people are building to abstract the functionality of the site - fractionalising keys, sniping new accounts, and aggregating the content of the private rooms of sought-after accounts. Pricing is on a bonding curve, which gives the site a huge and powerful psychological pull. It could be the latest degen gamble or it could be a place where social experimentation is happening. Some accounts give alpha, some share pet pictures, and some are private backchannels where you can get access to powerful people. What do you think of


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