Dec 1, 2023

Navigating the Global Crypto Landscape with PwC: 2024 Outlook


Purpose and objectives

This is PwC’s second annual Global Crypto Landscape report. The report provides an overview of the global regulatory landscape, how the regulatory frameworks are developing across the world, and the impact on crypto and traditional financial services firms.

Jurisdictional Equivalence

This section highlights the important role of jurisdictional equivalent in navigating global crypto regulations.

Globalisation of crypto operations

This section explains opportunities and challenges which come with choosing the right jurisdiction for incorporation and base of operations.

Views from global standard-setters

This section summarises recent developments by the key global standard-setting institutions.

EU single market for digital assets/MiCAR

These sections focus on the significant advancements in digital asset regulation at the European Union (EU) and jurisdictional level.

Global regulatory summaries

The section provides an overview of the advancements in digital asset regulation at the jurisdictional level globally..

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