Oct 13, 2023

web3 Wins - 13 October

Jeremiah Krage

This week's WEB3 WINS!

Blockchain is on 🔥 - check out all the action 👇

Solana Rises! 🚀
The alt-L1 blockchain has seen a surge in users due to a single game + SOL ⬆️
☀️ SAGE Labs is a sci-fi game from the team building the HIGHLY anticipated Star Atlas MMORPG
☀️ At peak, the game has reached over 2 MILLION daily onchain transactions
☀️ This adds further momentum to SOL after VISA’s announcement to add Solana to their stable coin pilot (see links)

Blockchain-enabled fan fiction 💪
Story Protocol sets out to revolutionize IP management with backing from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media
⛓️ the system serves as a repository for intellectual property that is similar to GitHub, based on Ethereum
⛓️ next step is ‘modules’ that allow licensing, royalties, tracking of derivative works and authorization to remix music
⛓️ “Once the IP is captured on the blockchain, it grants the owner complete control, including setting licensing or remixing terms with just a few clicks instead of hiring an entire team of lawyers." - founder Seung Yoon Lee

🇯🇵 Eternal rest on the blockchain: Japanese adoption of virtual graves*
🪦 Alpha Club Musashino is planning to launch a metaverse cemetery service by the end of this year where users can pay a virtual visit to a grave as an avatar
🪦 Telecomms co. Smart Senior offers a service where a digital grave is accessed by scanning a QR code on a physical tomb & uses NFTs to store and protect data such as family trees
🪦 “It’s possible that online prayer offerings and digital graves may spread quickly if more people start to view that paying respects to the dead does not mean having to be in front of the remains.” said Midori Kotani, the head of Senior Seikatsu Bunka Kenkyujo institute

*Hat tip to Alphaverse Weekly Digest for sharing this!

Links to articles 👇


Story Protocol:

Japan ⚰️,views%20on%20life%20and%20death

Alphaverse Weekly Digest:

Jeremiah Krage

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