Oct 27, 2023

web3 Wins - 27 October

Jeremiah Krage

This week’s WEB3 WINS! 🎉

Here’s a rundown of the highlights 👇

💳 Mastercard doubles down on Web3 by collabing with Moonpay!
👉 they aim to “jointly explore how Web3 tools can improve experiential marketing” (sounds like NFTs to me!)
👉 watch out for Mastercard features on Moonpay (coming soon!)

🎮 AAA Games on Blockchain?!
Blockchain gaming company Neon Machine lands $20 million Series A funding.
👉 fuels development of their flagship Shrapnel game
👉 another major win for Avalanche (see last week’s Web3 Wins about the Lamina1 blockchain also on Avalanche)
👉Their “track record of consistently delivering exceptional pre-launch content and playable demos, and their ability to foster a passionate community… sets them apart.” Josh Rosenthal, lead partner at investors Polychain Capital

🧪 AI ‘poison’ saves(?) art!
Nightshade is a tool that adds invisible changes to digital art to prevent unauthorised use in further AI training
👉 University of Chicago created a means to corrupt outputs based on the source image, including even associated concepts
👉 the tool empowers artist to have a little more control over what happens to their IP

🚀 Why this matters:

💪 Traditional banks collaborating with Web3 signals increased need for the tools, as well as greater confidence in the legal aspects, paving the way for increased adoption.
💪 Blockchain is a powerful tool for tracking digital assets, and seeing its application in high-quality games – without interfering with game play – is more evidence of growing adoption.
💪 AI is touching and disrupting every vertical, including Web3. Finding tools to empower users and protect their IP will be paramount as we continue to move forward.

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Shrapnel game:


Jeremiah Krage

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