Sep 29, 2023

web3 Wins - 29 September

Jeremiah Krage

This week’s WEB3 WINS!

Is it really a 🐻 market? Web3 is still growing, despite the headlines. Here’s proof 👇

🇰🇷 K-POP goes Web3! Dreamus, a Korean entertainment and events firm, is offering NFT-backed ticketing services.
- NFTs are based on the Avalanche network
- ticket contains a QR code that activates on the day of the event, ensuring that only the purchaser can access the venue
- a secondary market may be coming soon…

🪙 Crypto money transfer and payment services startup Mesh (formerly Front Finance) closed a $22 million Series A round.
- Mesh does not store users' personal information or credentials
- keeps transfer destinations anonymous from an external account's point of view
- doesn't actually touch assets, offering purely a direct account-to-account transfer

⚽ French footie goes Web3: Paris Saint-Germain F.C., one of France’s most prominent soccer/football clubs is releasing AI-generated match posters as NFTs
- Designed by artist Benjamin Benichou
- only seven were selected for release as NFTs
- NFTs will be airdropped for free on’s NFT platform for eligible account holders to claim

Why this matters: Use cases for NFTs and blockchain abound. The technology is sound, and we're seeing continual growth across virtually all verticals. 🚀

Links to articles 👇

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Paris Saint-Germain:

Jeremiah Krage

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