Nov 6, 2023

web3 Wins - 6 November

Jeremiah Krage

This past week’s WEB3 WINS! 🚀

Web3 is going mainstream with gaming and content streaming. 👀 👇

🎲 Sol goes gaming!
👉 Solana Labs announces GameShift, a Web3 service for game developers
👉 “Integrating GameShift’s API to handle blockchain complexity under the hood allows developers to dedicate more resources directly to game development … developers can provide a Web2-friendly experience to gamers, easing the common Web3 frictions that can deter user acquisition and engagement.” – Davis Hart, Product Lead for GameShift

💰 More Web3 gaming investment!
👉 Saudi proposes $50 million investment in Animoca Brands (Web3 gaming & investments co.)
👉 Funding is develop Web3 business services for global use, focusing on tech growth Riyadh and the NEOM area

📺 Web3 takes on Streamers! (kinda)
👉 Imagine RePlay leverages blockchain to connect fans & creators via their streaming app RewardedTV
👉 Viewers can access NFTs to support content they love & creators can receive instantaneous payments whenever their content is seen

Links to articles 👇

Sol gaming:

Saudi + Animoca:


Jeremiah Krage

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