Oct 6, 2023

web3 Wins - 6 October

Jeremiah Krage

This week’s WEB3 WINS!

More investment! And NFT’s aren’t dead after all?! Wait, what?

💰 Blockchain Capital, the San Francisco-based venture capital firm, raised $580 million for two new crypto investment funds.
o Visa was one of the investors 💳

🔗 2 NFT minting platform updates:

👉 Opensea (the OG NFT marketplace juggernaut) launches an entirely new, refreshed minting platform that now includes unique smart contracts per collection + and the ability to purchase NFTs via credit/debit cards

👉 Zora (NFT art marketplace used by Grimes, Jack Butcher, Justin Aversano) now offers virtually free minting using their own L2 network + a "First Minter Reward" a (tiny) incentive program for the first minter of an edition

🍄 Web3 gets HIGH! Blockticity mints NFTs that certify the authenticity of psychedelic mushrooms, hemp and kratom* produced by ACS Labs.
o NFTs will be minted on Avalanche
o ACS Laboratory is the largest hemp and cannabis lab in the eastern U.S.

*apparently kratom is a herb that may contain opioids 🤷

Why this matters:
✅ More institutional investment means greater stability + funding practical, business-led use cases.
✅ NFTs are a new cultural medium (amongst many other uses) and we're seeing more artists discovering their utility.
✅ NFTs are more than just jpegs - their application as proof of provenance/authenticity across industries is being recognized

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Jeremiah Krage

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